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Property Owners Insurance

Commercial and residential properties come with plenty of income opportunities, but also plenty of risks. The point of Property Owners’ Insurance is to mitigate against risks such as vandalism, tenant injury, loss of rent, and any legal action that might come from an ongoing or serious dispute.

Watkin Davies, can evaluate your property portfolio and source a selection of Property Owners’ Insurance policies that are going to give each of them good protection, providing the flexibility which comes with additional cover options.

Your property portfolio can take a lot of protecting, but this doesn’t need to be unfeasible in terms of your time and money. Watkin Davies can help you find the right Property Owners’ Insurance policy for you. Here are some of the important areas you need to consider..

What types of properties can we cover?

Residential properties are generally houses or flats that a rented to individuals or families using tenancy agreement. They sometimes are also let to students or tenants that receive benefits to help pay for their rent.
Commercial properties are buildings used for business, such as shops, offices, restaurants or industrial units. They are usually rented to another business.
If you have a number of properties they can be covered under one policy. This could include a mix Residential and Commercial Properties. Property portfolios can be more flexable to make it easy to add and remove properties.
A property could be considered non-standard for a variety of reasons, the building could be of a non-standard construction or the property could be in an area prone to flooding or subsidence.
If your property is vacant or empty you will need a different type of policy that take in to consideration of the increased risks involved.
If you own a holiday home or a second house we can offer a specific policy for this that will take in to account that the limited occupancy or unusual location. You can also choose to add cover should you rent out you home.

Property covers to consider

Here are some an important areas you need to consider for your Property Owners Insurance:

An unsecured property is open to vandalism, theft or worse, arson. Parameter fencing, motion sensitive lighting and alarms are obvious ways of providing physical protection for a commercial property, especially one which is in a remote location. More feasible measures include reducing opportunity, such as making it difficult to access upper levels from the outside, and ensuring there is no rubbish left unattended which could be set alight.
You have a responsibility to your tenants, whether the properties you own are commercial or residential. This includes making sure that it’s in good condition, reducing the chances of an accident. Residential properties with multiple talents and water sources are more vulnerable to outbreaks of legionnaire’s disease, so it’s important to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep this potentially fatal illness at bay.
What’s ever causes loss of rent – flood, fire or redundancy - it’s rarely expected. As a property owner, your rental income could be covered for a set period of time if your tenant is unable to pay.
If disputes arise and problems remain unresolved, legal cover can pay for proceedings and defence costs, so such a scenario doesn’t have too great an impact.


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