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We have partnered with specialist employee benefits broker Excellect to offer a full range of employee benefits to our clients. We chose Excellect because they share our values of exceptional client service. Like us they maintain strong relationships with insurance providers helping them secure the very best terms and pricing.

Cardiff businesses need to attract and retain the best employees to help them succeed. Motivated and happy employees result in productive and profitable businesses so offering an attractive benefits package can help achieve this.

Financial safety and security are two of the most sought after needs for employees. They need to know they will be able to meet their financial commitments if they become ill, and that their family would be supported if they were to die. Therefore, protection benefits are some of the most popular ones, because they provide peace of mind for employer and employees alike.

Which Employee Benefits Can I Choose?

Group Life Cover (Death in Service)

Death in Service cover pays out a tax-free lump sum based on a multiplier of the employee’s salary or a fixed sum if they were to die while working for the employer.

Employers who are faced with the difficult situation of an employee’s death, appreciate being able to give the dependents/nominated beneficiaries a lump sum. For beneficiaries/dependants coping with bereavement and its financial effects, being able to receive a lump sum is usually so welcome. They receive the lump sum free of income tax or capital gains tax.

It provides the employee with peace of mind that their chosen family/financial dependants would be looked after in the event of their death

It is available for three employees plus.

Group Critical Illness Cover

This sometimes overlooked benefit pays out a tax-free lump sum to an employee if they are diagnosed with a serious illness or life-threatening condition. One important fact is that they do not need to be dying, as it's the diagnosis that triggers the pay-out. The intention is that it helps them while they recover and reduces financial pressures at a time when they are coping with a serious health issue. It would even be possible if they choose, to continue to work. They could use the money for whatever purpose they wished, which could include paying off debt, reducing a mortgage, or even making adjustments to their home if necessary.

It offers peace of mind to the employee and their whole family.

It is available for three employees plus.

Group Income Protection Cover

Group Income Protection pays a monthly benefit to the employer if an employee is unable to work for longer than a defined deferment period due to illness, accident, or injury. It helps to cover the cost the employer would face if they chose to continue to pay the employee whilst they were ill. It allows them to substitute the unknown cost of sick pay, with the known cost of an insurance premium. Employees are paid the benefit through PAYE earnings and are taxed as such.

For the employee, it’s a valuable benefit that assists them in meeting their financial commitments whilst unable to work due to illness or injury. It provides them with financial security and peace of mind. A really valued benefit, it helps with employee retention as it’s unlikely anyone would want to lose the protection if they moved to another company. It also helps to positions the employer as a caring and benevolent one.

There is a choice of benefit amount covered, deferment period and cessation date.

It is available for three employees plus.


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