Up your household security for autumn and winter

Submitted by dean on 15 October, 2018 - 15:00 with 0 comment

The end of British Summer Time signifies shorter days, longer nights and a 20% rise in home burglaries across the UK. The aftermath of a break-in can be devastating and often leaves homeowners feeling unsafe in their own homes.

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Is now the time to buy or sell a used car?

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It’s thought that spring or autumn is the best time to buy a used car as new number plate formats are introduced In March and September.

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What you need to think about before purchasing cyber insurance

Submitted by dean on 27 September, 2018 - 11:31 with 0 comment

Many businesses will probably already know where they stand with regards to contents insurance and employers’ liability, but most of the same organisations, both newly established and longstanding, can be forgiven for approaching the relatively new cyber insurance wave with hesitation.

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5 things businesses need to know about cyber attacks in 2018

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Cyber-crime costs the UK economy billions of pounds every year, but it’s not just large companies that are at risk.

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Hacks can occur at any time, from anywhere, by anyone!

Submitted by dean on 29 August, 2018 - 12:03 with 0 comment

A common theme that springs to mind when picturing a computer hacker is a fast-typing criminal in a dark room lit by a laptop screen, perhaps, for some reason, wearing a balaclava.

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Vehicle theft: The facts and figures

Submitted by dean on 21 August, 2018 - 11:38 with 0 comment

Vehicle-related theft now accounts for 1 in 7 reported crimes. Whilst 20 in 100 vehicle-owning households had been victims of motor theft in 1993, this figure is now just 4 in 100, an 80% decrease.

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Tattooists in the UK – Are you ink-sured?

Submitted by dean on 21 August, 2018 - 11:18 with 0 comment

Statistics show that approximately one-fifth of British adults have

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Property Owners - How to be SAFE

Submitted by Matthew on 25 January, 2018 - 09:29 with 0 comment

Are you ensuring the protection of your most important assets?

Here are some suggestions on how to be SAFE when arranging your insurance:

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The importance of considering Trade Credit Insurance

Submitted by Daniel Abbott on 22 January, 2018 - 15:15 with 0 comment

Amid the current fallout of the Carillion plc liquidation, announced last week, Watkin Davies is focussing on ways to help you protect your cash flow should a customer be unable to pay you.

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Driving Safely During Winter

Submitted by dean on 18 December, 2017 - 16:07 with 0 comment

How should you prepare for safe driving in snow?

Plan your journey carefully and keep an eye on the local weather reports. Google maps is also a great tool as it offers live updates on traffic nearby.

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